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Music NFTs

An NFT or 'non-fungible token' is a unique digital collectible in which ownership is verified on the blockchain.  Music NFTs are like digital records that can't be copied.  Years ago people had record collections, even when they could hear songs on the radio. Now, collecting Music NFTs in the digital equivalent, but it's also so much more! 

Why Music NFTs?


Streaming provides very little income for artists.  NFT sales can bring in more income than thousands of steams. It allows an artist to cut out the middle man and sell directly to supporters.


Ownership is verified on the blockchain.  This allows artists and fans to connect in different ways.  Imagine getting VIP access at a concert because you hold a specific NFT.


NFTs can be sold on special marketplaces.  If an artist or song blows up in popularity, the early supporter can be rewarded by having the ability to sell higher than they bought.  

Elizabeth Clark Music NFTs

I like to take others on song journeys. These songs are my story and others stories. I have been writing music for over 25 years. Discovering all the ways to get these out there. This EP is my first collection on the blockchain- eek! Excited to share them with the world! I hope these songs either bring you hope and healing as well as others you know. Can’t wait to do more! Thanks for being curious and letting me color your world with the gift of song. Enjoy!

My Story: Chapter One

Opensea Collection

BoomBox Marketplace

I released a collection for Etherum and Solona.  Click the Icon for the link to each.

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