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Be Part Of My Story

Help Elizabeth Fund More Music!

My mission is to bring hope and healing through song!  Join me in this journey.  I have so many songs to record. I would love your support!

My Story For well over a decade, I have wanted to record more music. Although I have done a few singles since then, I dreamed of getting back into the studio again. So much life happened, as it does to all of us, and in between all of it I began to dismiss my dreams. Every time I tried to pick up the dream of recording and getting my music out there, something major in life would happen and there went the funds that would be for the project. It was more than just the funds that seemed to prevent me, it was enormous heartache, brokenness, extreme challenges in my mental health as well as challenges with my kids. Overtime I started losing hope that the dreams I felt the Lord give me so many years ago just may not come to pass. I began to question if I even heard God at all. I told Him, “Maybe I just need to forget it. I’m not getting any younger!" And as I cried before the Lord, I heard Him say, “Age is just a number and it has nothing to do with the calling on your life. Look what I did with Sarah (in the Old Testament.) She wanted a baby and although it looked impossible to others nothing is impossible with Me. If I said it, it will happen. Trust me.” It was then I realized I needed to pick up my God-dreams again. Thanks to my husband Thomas J, he helped see things I could not see. I still needed not only the reassurance I was heading in the right direction, but confirmation. I believe in family ministry. I’ve always wanted that but didn’t really have that until now. It’s not just me anymore trying to figure this out. My husband and even my kids want to go on this journey with me and they want to see these dreams come to pass. They are just as much as much part of this dream! You are a part of this dream. You help make this become reality. So, thank you. Thank you for investing by praying, giving, listening, sharing, and responding. God has to take precedence in going before us and getting the glory because every good and perfect gift comes from Him.

Jenni, OH

"Elizabeth's music was my strength in a very dark time in my life. I truly believe God used her music to speak healing and restoration."

Barbie, TX

"Elizabeth is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, and musician!  I was completely blown away when she wrote Brave On as an anthem for women everywhere."

Jonathan, TX

"Elizabeth's ministry as a psalmist is one of the most sincere and powerful in worship today."
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